What is Natox

What Is Natox

Ok, so you have heard of Natox but you may not be sure what it is yet.

Well the simplest way I can answer the question “what is natox” is to tell you it is a safe alternative to botox (and much cheaper). it works in a similar way to Botox in that it stops the muscles contracting and causing wrinkles.. but unlike Botox it is not a deadly poison…

As you probably know Botox is actually the Botulinum_toxin and is possibly one of the most powerful neurotoxin ever discovered and yet we actually pay good money to have this poison inected into us in the name of vanity..

So, now you know about Botox you need to know What is Notox.

What is Natox

What is Natox



As the world’s first and only natural and organic alternative to botox, Natox is a revolutionary new way to challenge the signs of ageing by combining cutting edge technology with 100% pure, organic ingredients. Safely replicating the effects of botox, Natox painlessly penetrates the skin deep down, acting directly on the muscles and nerves which lead to the creation of lines and wrinkles.

Natox has some enviable celebrity endorsement in the form of leading beauty expert Sue Moxley. Model, makeup artist and beauty editor for The Sun newspaper, Sue hails Natox as her “secret weapon”. Having made its commercial debut in London’s world famous Selfridges on Oxford Street and featuring in the spring 2012 issue of GlamFreak Magazine, Natox has been causing a huge stir in the beauty industry.




If you dont belive me about how wonderful Notox is then how about this for an endorsment









So, the Beauty Editor for the UK’s largest newspaper uses Natox instead of Botox.. So now you really do know “what is natox” and you know it is the safest way possible to reduce wrinkles. Natox even comes with a 60 day money -back guarantee.

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